Number Port out Process When Leaving Qlink Wireless

The number port out process allows Qlink Wireless customers to transfer their wireless phone number to another carrier when leaving Qlink. Porting out a number allows customers to keep the same phone number when switching wireless service providers. The process involves contacting the new carrier, submitting required account information to validate the transfer request, and allowing time for Qlink to complete the number port out.

Overall, the number port out process involves a few key steps – contacting the new carrier, providing account details to the new carrier, waiting for Qlink to process the request, settling the final Qlink bill, and then using the number with the new carrier.

Reasons for Porting Out

There are several common reasons why a customer may want to port their phone number out from Qlink Wireless to another carrier:

  • Want to switch to another carrier: Customers may find a competitor carrier that better fits their needs in terms of price, coverage, device options, or bundled plans. Porting the number makes switching carriers easy and convenient.
  • Unhappy with service/coverage: Customers may be dissatisfied with the quality of service, frequent dropped calls, slow data speeds, or lack of coverage with Qlink Wireless in their area. Porting the number allows them to obtain better and more reliable service.
  • Want to consolidate plans: Customers with multiple lines across different carriers may want to consolidate onto a single family plan with another provider. Porting their number over lets them simplify their wireless bills.
  • Found a better deal elsewhere: Customers may find lower cost service, cheaper device payment plans, or promotional offers that provide greater overall value with another carrier. Porting the number allows them to take advantage of those savings.

By porting their number to a new carrier, customers can switch providers easily and seamlessly, without the hassle of getting a new phone number.

Requirements for Porting Out

Before you can port your phone number to a new carrier, there are a few requirements that must be met with your current Qlink Wireless account:

Your account must be in good standing. This means your bill is current and your account does not have any past due amounts.[1]

Your device must be unlocked. If you are still making payments on your phone through Qlink, you will need to pay off the remaining balance so it can be unlocked.[2]

Have your Qlink Wireless account number and account PIN ready. These will be required by the new carrier to submit the port out request.

Make sure to pay any final bill you receive from Qlink Wireless after the port out is complete. You are responsible for charges incurred through the end of your service.

Once these requirements are met, you can move forward with contacting the new carrier and beginning the port out process.



Contact New Carrier

The first step when porting out your number from Qlink Wireless is to choose a new carrier. Once you have selected your new carrier, contact them and let them know you would like to port your existing phone number from Qlink Wireless. The new carrier will need certain details from you in order to request the number port. According to the FCC, these details usually include:

  • Your phone number
  • Current service provider name (Qlink Wireless)
  • Account number
  • Account holder name and address
  • Billing telephone number and address (if different than account holder info)
  • Authorized numbers (if applicable)
  • Password (if applicable)

Provide this information to your new carrier so they can submit the proper request to port your number from Qlink Wireless. The new carrier will initiate and manage the number porting process on your behalf.

New Carrier Submits Request

Once you have signed up for service with the new carrier, they will submit a request to port your number from Qlink Wireless. The new carrier will contact Qlink and provide them with your account details to authorize the transfer. This is called a port-out request.

According to the FCC, once you request service from a new company, your old company cannot refuse to port your number, even if you owe money for an outstanding balance. The process is regulated by the FCC to make switching carriers easy for consumers.

The port-out request contains key details like your name, Qlink Wireless account number, phone number to be transferred, and billing telephone number or address. The new carrier handles contacting Qlink and initiating the number port out. You just need to provide them the necessary details.

Overall, this step streamlines the process since the new carrier coordinates with the old carrier on your behalf. Expect this request to be submitted within 1 business day of signing up with the new carrier.

Qlink Processes Request

After the new carrier submits the port out request, Qlink Wireless receives and processes the request to port your phone number. According to the FCC, once the new carrier submits the request, the process of porting your number should complete within one business day.

When Qlink Wireless receives the port out request, they will first validate that you have an active account and that the account holder has authorized the port out. Qlink will also check that your account does not have any past due balances or other issues that would prevent the number from being ported.

If everything checks out, Qlink Wireless will approve the request and release your phone number to be ported to the new carrier you have chosen. This completes Qlink’s role in the port out process. At this point, your phone number is in transition between Qlink Wireless and your new service provider.

According to the FCC’s local number portability rules, this process should not take more than one business day once initiated.

Qlink Account Canceled

When a number is ported out from Qlink Wireless to a new carrier, Qlink will automatically cancel service on that number. This is standard industry practice – when a number ports out, the old carrier (in this case Qlink) will terminate billing and service immediately for that number.

This ensures a smooth transition so that the customer is only being billed by the new carrier once the port out is complete. Qlink’s systems are set up to automatically recognize a port out request and cancel the account associated with that number. Customers do not need to take any special action to cancel with Qlink when porting a number – the port out itself serves as account cancellation notice.

As one Reddit user commented, “Yes, when you port out your number it cancels your service” (Source). This is standard across all major wireless carriers.

Number Transferred

The number porting process typically takes 1-5 business days to complete. Once Qlink Wireless receives and processes the port out request, the number will be transferred to the new carrier within this timeframe. According to research, the industry average for completing a phone number port is 7-10 days, but most carriers aim to port numbers within 3 business days or less.

The exact time required depends on various factors like accuracy of information provided, network congestion, and delays between carriers. But in most cases, the subscriber can expect their phone number to be fully operational on the new carrier’s network in under 5 business days from initiating the port out process.

“How long does it actually take to port a number over?,” Reddit, March 11, 2019,

Pay Final Bill

After your number has been successfully ported out and your Qlink account canceled, you will receive a final bill for any remaining balance on your account. This will include charges up to when the port out was completed and your service ended. It’s important to pay this final bill in full to avoid any issues.

According to discussions on Reddit and AT&T’s forums, users who have ported their numbers recommend paying off the final bill as you normally would to avoid any collections or credit issues [1]. Even though you have ported out and canceled service, you are still responsible for paying for service up to the date the port out completed. Most carriers will send you a final bill via mail or email.

To avoid any surprises, some users recommend porting out close to your billing cycle date. This way your final bill from your previous carrier will be lower [2]. Check with Qlink on when your billing cycle ends so you can time your port out accordingly.

Using Number with New Carrier

Once the port out process is complete, you can begin using your existing phone number on the new carrier’s network. According to the FCC, porting a number can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete [1]. Be patient during this time while your old provider transfers your number.

When the port is finalized, your new carrier will send you a confirmation, usually via email or text. At this point, you can insert your existing SIM card into your phone (if you brought your own device) or activate a new SIM card provided by your new carrier. Verify that your phone now displays the new carrier name and that you have service.

Try placing test calls, sending texts, and using data to ensure everything works properly on the network. You may need to restart your device or toggle airplane mode on and off to fully connect to the new carrier. If you encounter any issues, contact customer support right away to troubleshoot problems.

Once fully set up, you can now use your phone number exactly as before – all your existing contacts and group chats will stay the same. Switching carriers while keeping your number is a convenient process that allows you to maintain your existing mobile identity.

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